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Women of Faith

and Industry

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Savvy Girl Summit 2023 was full of insight, inspiration and helpful information for women of faith and industry! Did you miss out? You can now access the recap of our interview segments, including access to the keynote presentation for "Legit Business Blueprint" by Attorney & Business Coach, April McKie.

God is raising women of faith in the marketplace, across multiple spaces and industries to be pillars of His plan in the earth. As a woman of faith, you hold a unique grace to operate in your industry with power and impact, effecting change in the lives of God's people across all walks of life. You are the walking testimony that many will see and hear before they ever step foot in a church.

The Savvy Girl Summit platform was created to highlight, celebrate and inspire the savvy, emerging, mission-driven woman of faith and industry. We're cultivating a space where we can glean and gain insight from other women in their unique journey as women of faith in the marketplace, while helping you launch your God-led mission in full confidence. 

We're leveraging the power of storytelling at the Savvy Girl Summit. You'll hear firsthand accounts from women who have stepped into their mission-driven work in their business, community, ministry and more. You will gain inspiration and encouragement to help propel you in your mission-driven work or help you scale and grow in faith, confidence and wisdom.

Our summit is a tool to help you explore further what God is calling you to in this season, whether it be in the community, your ministry, your business, or your workplace. You will gain encouragement and practical insight to help you say yes to God, understand how to hear and discover what God is saying concerning your position as a woman in the marketplace, and receive guidance on how to move forward.


Recalibrate. Reconsider. Elevate.

The Savvy Girl Summit is for women across multiple phases of life. We all know that as seasons change we grow, elevate, rediscover, reconsider, add-on, and take away. No matter where you are in your journey, it's always a great time to recalibrate. When was the last time you asked God,

  • "Is this really what I'm supposed to be doing with my life?" 

  • "Am I holding on to a season that has already passed?"

  • "Am I utilizing all the talents and tools you've given me to your glory?"

  • "Am I reaching the audience you called me to reach?"

  • "Did I give what you told me to do my best shot?"


We must calibrate to ensure we're in the spaces God is calling us to, to reach who He has ordained us to reach. It is imperative that we understand how to walk with intention and purpose to have the impact we yearn to see in our lives and in the lives of others.

This is what the Savvy Girl Summit is all about! We are committed to telling the stories of savvy, emerging, mission-driven women of faith and industry to ignite effectiveness and impact. Our commitments to this community are outlined in more detail below. If any of these  align with your values, goals or aspirations, or if you just love what we're doing and want to be involved or support, you are invited to register for our very first Savvy Girl Summit on June 24, 2023, or donate to our cause. More details are provided below.




Our Commitments
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To deepen your understanding of the impact you carry as a woman of faith in the marketplace

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To encourage you to leverage your God-given strengths and talents to start, grow and scale your mission

Businesswoman in Office

To share practical insight that helps you pursue your God-led mission in the face of fear and uncertainty by gleaning from others who have navigated similar challenges

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To inspire, equip, and empower your personal, professional and faith journey, while understanding how these areas all connect to your divine purpose

We'll challenge you to think about:

Where, what, or who God is urging you towards?

Have you been paying the right amount of attention to the things or people you feel deeply connected to bring change, awareness or impact to?

Read More
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Are you open or hesitant to be challenged and stretched beyond your normal capacity?

Have you unknowingly been saying no to things God wants you to say YES to because it's "outside of your expertise" or "above your pay grade?"

Read More
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How intentional are you in your journey towards where He's calling you?

Are you bringing those ideas to God, praying intentional prayers and holding space for Him to respond and give insight and direction?
Read More

Have you given more thought into your mission-driven purpose, but don't know where or how to start?

Are you ready to take the steps towards your God-inspired goals and dreams, but not sure exactly how to start?

Read More
You're gonna wanna hear this!

Get ready for next year!


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About The Host

Faith Thompson


Faith is an entrepreneur, professional writer, speaker and facilitator. For many years, she has balanced serving in ministry (over 20 years), while building and growing her professional career and businesses, including resume-writing, coaching, digital media and most recently online retail.


As a tech professional, she has worked for several Top 10 Fortune 500 companies in "Big Tech." But her calling to evangelism has led her to use her influence and passion to help women discover, build, and thrive in their God-given purpose in the marketplace and beyond. She is a devoted wife and mother of two, balancing her many roles with grace and determination. Her dedication to empowering others is truly inspiring, and she is an example of what it means to live a purpose-driven life.

The Savvy Girl Summit was designed to be a platform for women leaders across multiple spectrums to share their inspiring journeys, equip other women with tools, advice, best practices, words of faith and wisdom to inspire others in their respective journeys.


Be a part of this dynamic community!



Meet the 

JUNE 24, 2023

Demetria Ballard



Demetria is a community and business leader who empowers women and girls to become the best version of themselves through mentoring, teaching, counseling and coaching.

Jennifer McCaskill, M.D.



Jennifer McCaskill, M.D. is an Obesity & Family Medicine physician, and intercessor who is not only skilled in traditional medicine, but is specially gifted in intervening on behalf of others through prayer, spiritual guidance and support.

Shaquanna Chappelle

SC Headshot 2021 - Purple.jpg


Shaquanna Chappelle is an image and style expert who teaches ambitious women how to look and feel powerful. Her book, "Get Up & Get Dressed" enlightens and encourages women to positively transform their self-image.

April McKie, Esq.



April helps entrepreneurs start and grow businesses true to their unique and authentic gifts, talents and abilities as a talented and knowledgeable Attorney and Business Coach.

Yvette Anderson, M.A., LPC



Yvette is a mental health counselor, business owner and ministry leader who stepped out into her God-led mission to help individuals, families and couples through counseling and spiritual guidance.

Tané Goode



Tané is creator and owner of FitMiss Dance Studio helping women of all ages, sizes, and skill levels achieve their fitness goals. She's a savvy business owner and influencer using her talents to motivate women and girls to have confidence, achieve better health and have fun!

Joy Remus



Joy is an entrepreneur and photographer, helping women enhance their natural beauty. She specializes in everyday beauty enhancement and special occasion looks as a talented make-up artist.

Chioma Ifeanyi-Okoro



Chioma​, "Top 100 Women Canada," is a faith-based, transformational sales coach helping new and aspiring business owners to launch and grow purposeful programs and attract global clients.

Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill his promises to her!

Luke 1:45

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